Business Coaching and Advisory

XploreBiz offers senior advisory and coaching within a number of different fields;



Business Model Development

Are you in an early stage of development and need support and input regarding how to develop your business models. Potentially you have a great business idea, a good solution to a problem or maybe already a product in place. But you have yet to develop the right customer strategy and assess where the opportunity is the highest. Maybe you have yet to define your value proposition and revenue streams and you have yet to define your cost structure and the resources needed. XploreBiz has significant experience in early stage venture development and can support you in developing your business models.

Business Plan Development

Maybe you have already your business model in place but you need support in developing your business plan. You need input when it comes to defining your pricing strategy, your geographical roadmap, your strategic product plan and/or your customer roadmap. Maybe you need a speaking partner to maximize the probability that you are focusing on the right things and to ensure that you have ambitious yet realistic assumptions. XploreBiz has significant experience in developing and implementing business plans and can support you during the different stages.

Product Management

XploreBiz can offer you advisory and coaching support in the area of product management. Whether it is about streamlining your product range, developing/fine tuning your process and organisation regarding how you develop/industrialize and commercialize new products, or how you approach gaining market and customer input for your development. XploreBiz has in depth knowledge about product management in a global context of product related business (B2C and B2B).

Sourcing Operations

Potentially you are in a situation where you are looking at outsourcing your production, or you are at an early stage and plan to establish your manufacturing with external partners already from the beginning. XploreBiz has a positive track record from establishing sourcing relationships, partner selection and establishing agreements and can support you in this work.

Innovation Management

Potentially you are in a position where you have the means and the need to prioritize bringing new innovation to the marketplace. Maybe you have a lot of great ideas for new businesses/ventures. You need however to develop your tools and processes regarding how to efficiently evaluate new ideas according to relevant criteria, prioritize them and take you towards a decision mode. XploreBiz has significant experience from developing and working with tools and processes for deal flow management, both from the corporate world and from the start-up arena and can help you in this field of play.


quote-small“Christina Lindstedt, excellent business coach, has previous coached Minalyze in the business development program Born Global.”




“An excellent business and professional development investment for growth on a global scale.”
I had the pleasure of working with Christina from XploreBiz for 6 months to assist my company with the worldwide launch of a new product and brand. She was a crucial team member and mentor that drove product development from the roadmap to the launch. She is an expert in global pricing, people management and sales. Christina gives everything she can to ensure a smooth development process and is excellent at prioritization. Her previous experience with business development in China and the U.S. helped us shorten our development time and have a successful product launch.

Project Manager, Blue at Blueair Sweden


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