Growth projects

Are you in a situation where you need and can focus on Growth? You probably already have identified a list of potential growth areas, but for various reasons you have not yet focused on analysing, evaluating and prioritizing their individual strengths weaknesses, risks and opportunities.  



Your company is potentially of the size that you cannot at this point prioritize to have a dedicated, senior resource focusing on this topic. Then again, it is of utmost importance for the future continued success of your company that you address this. If your company also is an international small/midsized company with a product business (B2C or B2B), then XploreBiz has significant experience and expertise to help you develop the most appropriate growth strategy.

XploreBiz runs strategic business development projects spanning from identifying/evaluating potential growth areas, to prioritizing opportunity areas and developing the business and resourcing plans. A first in depth discussion with You will result in a brief which, upon mutual agreement, will serve as the base for the assignment. A number of checkpoints are scheduled to mutually agree on next steps based on the conclusions drawn during the course of the project. Upon termination of the project, XploreBiz can be involved in the implementation phase as well.

Step by step

Typically, how XploreBiz would go about addressing this type of challenge could be the following;

  • The Why? Quick assessment of the global market opportunity; sizes, trends, competitive set, external influencers. How does this fit with the Company’s; strategic focus, strengths and competencies. Usually at this point there should be a checkpoint decision to validate whether the arguments in favour of the opportunity are strong enough or not, to justify to take the next steps.
  • The What? At this point we develop the market segmentation, outlining the different customer segments, prioritizing the opportunity of the different segments, assessment of customer needs relevant to the different market segments. Then we do the mapping of how the customer needs are currently addressed in the marketplace and as a consequence map the space of opportunity in the marketplace. We also look into differences and similarities between different geographical markets and, where relevant, different product typologies. At this stage, some form of interaction with customers/potential customers is usually suggested as part of the project.
  • The What? At this stage, a plan is developed, that will cover a high level product, customer segment and geographic road map to best cease the opportunities, based on the specific situation the company is in.
  • The How? In this phase the business plan is developed, most likely including a few different scenarios based on the overall objectives. The business scenarios will be based on the identified opportunities and associated action, time and resourcing plans.
  • The Who? This part is about proposing the competencies and resources required to successfully implement the business plan.


quote-small“Christina and I have worked together as competence partners at STOAF, a Sweden based venture capital firm. Christina is very talented, hard-working and a joy to collaborate with. We were responsible for the venture opportunity evaluation process and guiding both ventures and our colleagues, and Christina always proved insightful, professional and fast. We also worked together on outlining the business plans of some of our portfolio companies, and Christina proved invaluable in helping companies move from primarely technical focus to a broader business and customer orientation and bringing in unique international perspectives. Christina has recieved my highest respect and she will earn yours too if you get the opportunity to work with her.”



quote-small“Xplorebiz helped us identify, analyze and recommend direction for a new strategic business area. Its expertise and insights were very valuable, and helped us speed up the process, while at the same time avoid costly oversights. Christina’s professional experience was very relevant and applicable to our strategic decision.”

CEO QleanAir Scandinavia

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