Introducing XploreBiz


XploreBiz AB was founded in 2013 by Christina Lindstedt. XploreBiz offers interim and consultancy services tailor-made according to specific customer needs and priorities. Christina’s background is from several international leadership positions within AB Electrolux, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and Sony Mobile Communications – being based in Europe, mainland China and South East Asia. Primarily her positions have involved the P&L responsibility for a Product/Business area, spanning from future business strategies and product roadmaps, to current businesses in the marketplace. The roles have included responsibility for mature, as well as immature businesses. In addition, Christina has had the responsibility for establishing and developing sourcing operations in China.

In recent years, as partner of Stockholm Business angels, Christina is engaging in business development of start-up/young companies, both as an investor, advisor and coach and as a board member. Stockholm Business Angels invests in young, technology companies with a strong growth and homerun potential, all with an international reach. Christina has also served as a business coach in the Born Global program, developed by Chalmers, an accelerator program for ambitious Swedish start-ups that aspire to go Global. During the program the companies are guided towards a verified and scalable business model.

XploreBiz has a positive track record when it comes to;

  • Developing immature businesses to becoming profitable, growing, international businesses
  • Planning and implementing global product launches
  • Reducing complexity by streamlining product ranges
  • Implementing a global, ”user needs” driven product development and communication process within various product areas
  • Establishing sourcing operations
  • Establishing processes and tools for evaluating new ventures/business opportunities

The emphasis in terms of geographical experience and knowledge at XploreBiz AB is; Europe, Asia and North America. XploreBiz AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden and undertakes interim and consultancy assignments across the globe. The work can be conducted in English, French and Swedish.

” I have a strong passion for working with international business development in various contexts. Going from idea to a successful feature/product/business in the market place gives a great feeling of satisfaction. Understanding the differences and similarities regarding user needs and market contexts and building on this knowledge in the strategies and plans is very exciting. All businesses have their uniqueness, to grasp the challenges and opportunities of each and outline the priorities and roadmap ahead and mobilize the team with whom to drive this, can be a very fulfilling journey”.

Christina Lindstedt
CEO XploreBiz AB

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